How to make a pet portrait

What to give to your loved ones? Draw a loved one next to a permanent friend, a member of your family – a dog, a cat. An interesting picture is like a frame from a movie, with an unfinished plot, with a beautiful sequel, will always be in front of your eyes. Portraits of dogs can be painted in oil on canvas, with a dry brush. Attention is focused on the individual details, the overall plasticity. It is necessary to choose a photo, where your pet brightly and fully reveals its essence.

Draw a dog

Portrait of a dog to order is interesting because of the ingenuity of our pets. They copy us, imitate us. They absorb our character, empathize, adjust, but can also show their vivid belonging to the animal world. The work on the portrait lasts 3-5 days. The animalistic genre has been the least affected by the currents in art. Each breed of dog has its own characteristics. In a portrait of a dog, the natural manner of presentation is important. The compassionate friendly eyes, the sniffling wet nose – also requires authenticity. All shades of the palette are used by the artist to convey the originality of pedigree dogs. Muscle reliefs are captured in such a way as to emphasize the breed as a whole.

Exact drawing

Accurate drawing, maintaining proportions is always important in the animalistic genre. Dry brushwork allows the combination of light and color. The aesthetics of the perception of the entire work is at a high level. A living image of the animal is presented. In ancient times, believing in the magical connection between man and animal, tables were made. Deified animals were molded. And people believed in their magical power. For ancient peoples, having a sculpted animal in the home meant having a patron. In the Paleozoic era, animals were depicted by underhand means with earth paints, flint chisel, fingers of the hand, now with technology paints. Portraits can decorate the interior of the office, home. To take on the road. The portrait of your life companion, a devoted friend will support and delight you on the road.

We know many artists who successfully incorporated animals into their paintings. Another option of embodiment through stroke and line. Through graphics. To emphasize the plasticity and anatomical structure purely symbolically, linearly. Such a portrait has its expressive completeness. To display everything thoroughly, there is no need to pose your pet. A good medium format photo is enough. They will be happy with such a gift. You can order such a picture here