Hemp oil: properties and use in cosmetics

Hemp oil, although its name sometimes evokes various associations, becomes another hit in care industry. What are the properties and uses? How can you use it for home care of your skin and hair? Hemp oil is not the first association with beauty. But the hemp oil used in cosmetics is not derived from cannabis (which has narcotic properties), but from a related variety.

The most valuable oil is cold spinning (up to 40 ° C) and not refined. It has a yellow-green color. Its name according to INCI is hemp oil (hemp). Due to the care properties of this name, it is worth looking for on labels. Hemp seeds come from Central Asia, where for hundreds of years their fibres were used to produce paper, sails and ropes, and the oil squeezed out of them was used to relieve skin lesions.

In today’s Europe, however, they are not more widely accepted, and until recently they were used almost exclusively in the chemical industry as an ingredient in paints and varnishes. This was due to a multi-year campaign against cannabis use and a ban on their cultivation, which ricocheted cannabis seeds of a drug-free variety. But now you can buy CBD joints online in almost any country without problems. 

Hemp oil: properties

When it comes to vegetable oils, hemp oil is at the forefront in terms of its conditioning properties. This is due to its composition: in almost 80% it consists of essential unsaturated fatty acids (EFA), especially linoleic acid from the omega-6 fatty acid group and linolenic acid from the omega-3 group. In addition, they have perfect proportions to each other. The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is 3:1 and is ideal for normal lipid metabolism.

Hemp oil also contains other acids: oleic, palmitic, gamma-linolenic, as well as proteins, amino acids, carotene, minerals, vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K), phytosterols, phospholipids. Finally, we also find many biologically active substances with anti-inflammatory, regenerating, antiseptic, antioxidant and sunscreen properties, including tocopherol, etc. All this makes it a valuable ingredient for care.

  • It restores the epidermal hydrolipidic layer and complements the damage of intercellular cement, so that the skin does not lose moisture and the epidermis better perform its protective functions.
  • Thanks to its NNKT content, it keeps it in good condition and also improves its resistance to external factors including wind, frost and sun.
  • It relieves inflammation in atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.
  • Relieves severe itching during dermatosis, especially atopic dermatitis, and skin allergies.
  • Reduces the risk of irritation and discoloration .
  • Restores the skin, prevents the premature formation of wrinkles.
  • Improves the tone of the skin.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Regulates the secretion of sebum, which helps in the treatment of inflammatory lesions of acne.
  • Restores skin elasticity and proper hydration.
  • Softens and smoothes the skin.
  • Plays the role of a natural sunscreen that protects the skin from UV radiation.
  • When applied to the scalp stimulates hair growth, when applied to the hair gives shine and facilitates combing.

Hemp oil: application

Hemp oil is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. It can be used in its pure form directly on the skin, but it is also used as a valuable ingredient in cosmetics, especially as softeners for problem skin and for the care of infants and young children. By following link you can buy 1500 mg cbd oil https://greenpapas.com/products/full-spectrum-cbd-oil-1500-mg-natural-flavor/.