CS:GO use some types of grenades

For players who intend to seriously master the wisdom of CS:GO and hone their skills, you can’t do without grenades. You need to find as much information about the use of grenades as possible to get acquainted with a lot of tricks and tactics of using such weapons. You can also consider the best popular CSGO case. Now it is enough just to discover a lot of interesting features in the development to eventually understand the basic principles of the game and start to achieve more serious results in it.

Shrapnel grenades

Shrapnel grenades are probably one of the most “boring”: they come in, explode and cause damage – such experienced players are not surprised. To kill an opponent with full health such a grenade in CS:GO is problematic, and therefore its functionality is extremely situational. Shrapnel grenades, for example, it is convenient to drive enemies from under the trains on the map de_train.

However, improvisation will also find a place. Thus, during the explosion of a fragmentation grenade a small cloud of black smoke is formed. Do you know that the enemy is holding a certain area under the sight? Use its difficulty in aiming. In addition, unexpectedly flying under the feet of the gift will force the enemy to withdraw from the violent position, and thus give a chance to intercept the initiative.

Molotov cocktail/Incendiary grenades

Incendiary grenades (or Molotov cocktails if you play for terrorists) are a novelty that first appeared in Global Offensive. Their principle of operation is somewhat similar to that of smoke, but after the explosion instead of a black cloud in a radius of a couple of meters or three literally lights up the ground. Unlike smoke grenades, incendiary grenades are useful almost exclusively in defense, as they are effective in blocking passages and other sections of the defense line. It is unlikely to kill an enemy with a cocktail, but it is quite possible to spoil your health.Every second that the player is standing in the fire, his health quickly deteriorates, so that these grenades will also be suitable to expel the enemy.  On the other hand, in an attack, it is much harder to find an effective use for them.

Distraction grenades

Distraction grenades are another innovation of Global Offensive.  With few exceptions, they only appear in “casual” mode, as it is problematic to use them in competitive matches with an experienced player. After detonation, the “deception” produces shooting sounds for 16 seconds and is displayed on the radar as a red dot, creating the illusion of the opponent.

For this very reason these grenades are practically not used in competitive matches. A cohesive team always knows or suspects where the enemies are. You can’t spend them with a cheap trick.From the unobvious advantages – when falling, such grenades make the same sound as flashbang grenades, so occasionally with their help you can force your opponent to turn away or move.  Nevertheless, the “deception” is considered to be the least useful type of grenades, which is used in very wise tactics.

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